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My name is Elijah L. Hill, for over 25 years I have trained people in different topics in professional development enhancing their skills to make them more attractive in the marketplace of their career field of interest.  If people aren’t laughing at your dreams they are not big enough.   Most successful people go way beyond their imagination, and they invest in themselves to make it happen.   

The question to ask yourself is should I invest in my professional development to cause others to want to utilize my skills that make me more attractive than the next person for the job.  YOU SHOULD BE THE FIRST TO INVEST IN YOUR DREAM THIS IS HOW OTHERS ARE ATTRACTED TO YOU GIVE YOU YOUR DREAM OPPORTUNITY.

A little about me I have been a training people for over 25 years in different topics of professional development.  I have a Master’s in business and a Masters in Instructional Technology. 


Over my career I have published 11 books, and now we have developed the Elijah L. Hill University to extend my 30 years of consulting and  training knowledge to future students as yourself throughout the world through our online learning.  Let me teach you with my course on publishing, “How to Publish Your book Fast at Low-Cost, and generate up to $100,000 in book sales.”  

My background as a consultant was to teach teachers how to instruct their students, and integrate technology.  I have had 25 year’s experience in TV production, and have a Non-profit called the National Entertainment Technology Academy training youth in the summer on the Movie and Film industry in Atlanta, Georgia Metroplex. VIEW THIS SHORT VIDEO BELOW. 


You got to get in the game!  Go way beyond your imagination it’s time to go to the next level of your greatest.  It’s time to make the money you have always known was for you all the time, so stop talking yourself out of your dreams.

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Feedback & Reviews

” I am a multi-Hyphate; that works in the Movie industry I enjoyed meeting Elijah L. Hill he is a fascinating individual with multiple skill-set that will assist you in your television industry training.  “

Carolyne Slaughter

Movie Producer, Director, & Writer

” I am also an Actress who had produced Michelle Obama’s life story through theater, Called “From the Slave House To the White House”, Elijah L. Hill is a great instructor in the Movie & Film Industry “

Morgan McCoy

Owner of MAM Inc., Education Entertainment Co.

” I am an Actress in the Atlanta, and I was excited to meet Elijah L. Hill he is an amazing person with great skills to train individuals I would recommend you take his courses.  “

Louisa Torres


Feedback & Reviews

” I am a Film & Movie Distributor, the only African American Film Distributor my first job was to sell Tyler Perry’s Plays to the Retail market, Eljiah L. Hill he is a great individual very knowledgable to take your future course from.”

Bearette Dungee

Movie Distributor Globally, Only African American Film Distributor

“I am an Entertainment Attorney that works in the Film & Movie Industry.  I worked in Los Angeles for three years ended up coming back to my home in Atlanta, Georgia, Elijah L. Hill is a very good instructor make sure you take advantage of his courses “

Kennington Draw

Entertainment Attorney, Atlanta, Georgia

” I am an Movie Producer In met Mr. Hill at the Atlanta Film Networking Event in March 2018.  My Film, “Blue Check Verified” is on Amazon distributed worldwide, and I encourage you to take Elijah L. Hill courses to increase your marketablity in our industry.”

Carl Waren, T.H. Waren

Movie Producer

What can I do for you?

Let me teach you with my course, “On Publishing Your Book Fast at Low-Cost, and generate up to $100,000 in book sales.”  I did it and so can you stop talking yourself out of your future blessings let me show you how!

I’m an author &  public speaker that has 25 years of experience as a Master trainer with a Master Degree in Instructional Technology

Let me teach you with my course “How to be an Expert Networker in 60 days Developing Warm Leds for Your Business.”

Have your kids, Youth to take my training course of the Movie & Film Industry, “Increase youth’s future career potential in days by them understanding the ABC’s of the TV/Movie Industry.”

I’ve worked been a High Profile public figure for over 25 years and worked with professionals in Film Industry

While Waiting for your next Acting Role in 60 days increase your marketablity and professional development in the Movie & Film Industry.”

Take my course, “How to Become a High Profile Public Figure Within Your Community within One Year.”

I can help you become a healther you through my own experience of herbal health, and my 30 year experience in Broadcasting can enhance your success in social media. 

Take my course, “How to Decrease High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol within 60 days with  Herbal Health.”

Take my course, “How to create your own Television News Program via Social Media in 60 days with less than a $1000.00 Budget.”

Need advice?

Here is my chance to invest you I will give you a FREE  20-Minute LASER COACHING Call surrounding you potential book idea go to my contact page and leave me a message I will reach out let’s talk soon.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.