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Let me help you increase your marketability by enhancing your knowledge within your career field of interest. Become a student of what you are doing. Treat & handle everyone like you want to be treated and you will be successful. Success is not arriving it’s a journey.

Becoming a Leader in Your Community!

Take my course, "How to Become a High Profile Public Figure Within Your Community within One Year."

Increase Your Marketablity in Acting!

While Waiting for your next Acting Role in 60 days increase your marketability and professional development in the Movie & Film Industry."

Your Health is Your Wealth!

Take my course, "How to Decrease High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol within 60 days with Herbal Health."

Becoming a Leader in Your Community!

Take my course, "How to create your own Television News Program via Social Media in 60 days with a Low-Cost Budget."

Increase Your Marketablity in Acting!

"Publishing Your Book Fast at Low-Cost, and generate up to $100,00 in book sales."

Your Health is Your Wealth!

Take my course, "Your Health is Your Wealth Exercising With Good Eating Habits To Stay Healthy."

How to pray the Angelic prayer for Help!

"How To Activate Your Angelic Power Given To You By God."

Attend Elijah's School of the Prophets!

"How To Understand How to Operate In the Prophetic Realm"

Understanding The Prophecies of the End Time!

Take my course, "Bible Prophecy How It Relates To Our World."

How to Avoid the Mark of the Beast!

"In Biblical Prophecy How to Avoid the Mark of the Beast & Be Ready for the Rapture."

A Spiritual Leader Should Understand the Wiles of the Devil!

"Who Was Satan in Heaven and How to Not Be Deceived By Him in the End"

Understanding When An Angel is On Assignment in Your Life!

Take my course, "How To Summons Your Angel to Prosper & Deliver Your Life."

Bishop Charles Harrison Mason's Biography!

" The Life Story of Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, "The Triumph of The Black Church."


One of The Most Important Female African American Figure in Beginning Pentecostal Movement!

"The Life Story of Mother Lizzie Robinson, "Women Come Alive"

St. John 1:1 A Course on The Pre-Existence of Christ As God's Word!

Based on my Book, "Who Was Christ Before He Came To Earth."

The Pre-Civil Rights Movement of Bishop Charles Harrison Mason!

" The Missing Link of The American Civil Rights Movement."


The First African American Preacher to be Investigated by the FBI in America!

"The 1917 FBI Files of Bishop Charles Harrison Mason"

The Greatest Pentecostal Revival in American History that Went Global!

"The Azusa Street Revival Wrapped in Swaddaling Cloths lying in a Manger

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways. Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world. Nelson Mandela