“The 1917 FBI Files of Bishop Charles Harrison Mason."

  • First Black Minister With FBI Investigation
  • Mason Tried for Treason
  • Mason Almost Lynched in MS
  • Mason Had White & Black Leaders
  • Mason By-Laws Against "Plessy vs. Ferguson

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My name is Elijah L. Hill, for over 25 years I have trained people in different topics in professional development enhancing their skills to make them more attractive in the marketplace of their career field of interest.  If people aren’t laughing at your dreams they are not big enough.   Most successful people go way beyond their imagination, and they invest in themselves to make it happen.   The question to ask yourself is should I invest in my professional development to cause others to want to utilize my skills that make me more attractive than the next person for the job.  YOU SHOULD BE THE FIRST TO INVEST IN YOUR DREAM THIS IS HOW OTHERS ARE ATTRACTED TO YOU GIVE YOU YOUR DREAM OPPORTUNITY.

A little about me I have been a training people for over 25 years in different topics of professional development.  I have a Master’s in business and a Masters in Instructional Technology.  My background as a consultant was to teach teachers how to instruct their students, and integrate technology.  I have had 25 years’ experience in TV production, and have a Non-profit called the National Entertainment Technology Academy training youth in the summer on the Movie and Film industry in Atlanta, Georgia Metroplex.